Pastor Stegmeier and wife Millie Stegmeier went on Missionary trip in September 2016.

*Short video clip of trip*


New building dedication.
New building dedication.
(The Pastor and Millie were here for the dedication of this church building back in about 2006)
Service in Calabash Bight, August the 16th, 2016
Attendance at this service was approximately 160 people. After the service they served refreshments in the mission house to those attending the service. The under shepherd, Sis Linda had an anniversary cake made for us which was very delicious! Brother Brooks had a small dwelling here which was built on stilts: the house was in much disrepair.
Millie and I sang the song: “I Know God’s Promise Is True!”
During the service, I spoke from the following verse the main thought being “Your Pastor Was Faithful!”
     (Proverbs 20:6) “Most men will proclaim every one his own goodness: but a faithful man who can find?”
Then I personalized the song: “Paul’s Ministry.”
The Lord said stand up Paul and dry up your tears
 You must preach my gospel for many long years
 Go to DAMASCUS the way that is straight
 You'll MEET ANANIAS and there you must wait
 I counted on Jonah I counted on Cain I counted on Adam but he was the same
 I counted on Judas but he proved untrue
 Oh go tell the world Paul I'm counting on you
 Three days have gone by Lord and yet I don't see
 But here stands my brother a talking with me
 He says brother PAUL the Lord in the sky
 He sends me to heal you and open your eyes
 I'll send you to the GENTILES I'll send you to Rome
 But Paul you must suffer till I call you home
 You'll sleep in the desert you'll be wrecked out at sea
 But keep right on preaching my gospel for me

Milton Bight

This was the smallest building of the four. There were approximately the same number of saints here as in Calabash Bight, 160.

After the service, we ate at the home of the overseer. They fed us very well. The overseer has suffered some real tragedies: her husband and son were killed last year.

Pollytilly Bight

This congregation has the largest house of worship of all of them, I believe. There were between 300 and 400 saints in attendance. The Building was absolutely full, and then many were in a shelter adjacent to the house of worship.

We ate at the home of the overseer. Wow!! They had an abundance of food, many dishes and about five different desserts.

Sunday Services in La Ceiba

Morning Message:

“A Goodly Heritage Has Been Given You” (Psalm 16:6)

  1. Your Pastor’s Good Name
  2. A Knowledge and Understanding Of the Goapel
  3. A Love And Appreciation For The Church
  4. A Memory Replete with Many Rich Memories

Evening Service:

“A Great Man (Is) Fallen This Day In Israel (II Samuel 3:38)

Pastor Dave and Friendly monkey.
Pastor Stegmeier and friendly monkey.
Parrot actually ate Pastor Stegmeier's button.
Parrot actually ate Pastor Stegmeier’s button.

Tribute to the Late Bro. Esau Brooks

The late Br. Esau Brooks Family. He was the Pastor here for many years.