Site History

The town of Canby was platted on August 9, 1870. By 1884, the need for a church “in town” prompted the construction of the white frame church on what was then called “block eight” of Canby’s 1870 mapped town site of 24 Blocks.

Original Church
Original Church on site. Now moved one block North on 3rd and Elm. Oldest Church building in Canby.

In 1910, the white frame church and its two lots were valued at $3,000, but were soon considered too small. The following year, Frank E. Dodge was hired to build a new Moorish Architecture church; which still stands. It is the current facility for the Church of God of Canby. At that time, the little white frame building was moved to the north of the lots and turned to face Elm while construction on the new building took place.

Church Windows
Current Church. This building was completed and dedicated on March 16, 1913. The Church of God purchased the building in 1979.
CofG Date
Methodist Episcopal Church foundation at 2nd and Elm. Now the current Church Of God site.